Saturday, May 12, 2012

Making Play Cubbie From a Console TV

I am amazed with the idea of creating a play cubbie where kids could make it as a playhouse, reading nook, a puppet theater, hideout, mini store, and other fun activities.

Sarah of Sugar Tot Designs got the unique idea of transforming this console television which she found on the Free Section of Craigslist.

After several hours of cleaning it out and painting, the aqua-coated play cubbie is now open for those bubbly little girls and even boys. To read more of the how-to details of this project, check out this post.


Friday, April 27, 2012

Dresser Makeover

Everybody loves a cute dresser, right? What more if you could also use it as a changing table for a baby? It's just funtastic! Sarah of Renewed Upon a Dream shares how she did it for her friend!

Sarah said she got this little guy for only $40! The other things she needed to buy for this project were the railing and a sample sized light purple paint for the inner portion of the drawers. She added the railing so the baby won't fall off when changing him/her. Pretty thoughtful, right? :)

See below how this fabulous dresser originally looked like. I know you'll say, "Wow, what a brilliant idea!"

If you're wondering how she did this, check out the details here!


Wednesday, April 25, 2012

How to Reupholster a Chair

Can you believe that Rachel of Thrifty Inspirations got this chair for only $7?! Yes! She said she found it in a store called "Value Village"; shoved back in the back under a pile of clothes! Without any second thoughts, she wheeled it to the register with pride.

She describes the 'original' chair as dirty but what do we expect for $7? Anyway, the hard work she put on this project was all worth it!

Here are the things you'll need in reupholstering a chair:

  • Screwdriver with appropriate head (Phillips, flathead, Square)
  • Staple Gun (I like Stanley Brand)
  • Staples
  • Pliers
  • Approximately 1yd. of fabric
  • Scissors
  • Cardboard or a large flat piece of wood
  • Quilter's Batting (Optional)
  • Lysol (Optional)

End Product

For the tutorial, Rachel shares it on her blog here.

The fun part in this project is spray painting the furniture. Here are the things you'll need for that as Rachel shares:

  • De-glosser/Liquid Sandpaper 
  • Green Scrubby-thingy (?? It's not a sponge or a brush
  • Rags (1 damp, 1 dry) 
  • 220 grit sandpaper/ sandpaper block 
  • 2 cans Spray Primer (Rustoleum Primer) 
  • 2 cans Spray Paint (Rustoleum "Heirloom White" Paint) 
  • Painters tape (Optional, not always necessary) 
  • Disposable gloves (Optional) 
  • Work surface clean of dust and debris with optimal work room

I prefer to wear gloves while spray painting because it will prevent you from having to scrub your hands later when you are finished and have speckles all over. -Rachel
End Product
For the step by step tutorial, you may visit this link.

Were you inspired? Hop now to Rachel's blog! :)


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Wooden Openwork Cube Pendant Light

Hello lovelies! Today's feature covers Mandi's project: a wooden openwork cube pendant light! This one's perfect for a warmish and raw look for your room.

Mandi says she got this idea from Restoration Hardware. She thought it was one easy project but she hit it wrong! However, she's one person who doesn't give up so she thought of ways to make a project that gives the same vibe as the one she liked from Restoration Hardware. Take a look at her finish product below:

Stylish and Creative isn't it?

Do you want something like this in your own room? Well, first of all, gather these materials to get yourself started. These are basically the things you'll need:

3/4 Square Dowel

Nail Gun
Pendant Light

For the tutorial/details on how to do this, visit Mandi's page.  

Funtastic wooden openwork cube pendant light!


Sunday, April 22, 2012

Dress Up Your Drapery Panels

A perfect drapery panel is a must in every home. It is very practical and a decorative way to provide privacy. However, if you're one gal who loves to collect a lot of them, some of your collections may go out of style as time passes by. Fortunately, Isabella & Max shared a way to dress up your drapery panels!

You may use a chunky trim or a favorite fabric; option is limitless!

Of course in choosing a fabric, you should take into consideration whether it matches your drape or not. You don't want to mess up your fave drape, right? :)

The steps in dressing up your panels are quite easy to follow. The best part is, there is no sewing required!

For the detailed instructions on how to do this, visit Isabella & Max here.


Friday, April 20, 2012

Painted Floor Rug

Michell of Girl in Air wants to have a craft room, but not just an ordinary craft room. She wanted "a rug that was fun, bright and cheery, to inspire creativity while she is crafting away."

The fabulous finish was of course way too far from the new carpet she ripped off.

One of the highlights of this project was distressing the floor with a sanding block. How lucky she is with this lovely little helper.

To complete the process, she made two coats of a water-based diamond floor finish. Imagine, Dream, Create, Inspire. She has indeed poured her creativity right in her colorful craft room. To read more of the tutorial and see in-action photos, check this blog.


Thursday, April 19, 2012

Pink Cute Table

Who says a once not-so-admirable end table couldn't be turned into some cute-looking one? Well, Jeff & Kristin McClure of A Touch of Arkansas proved that idea wrong! Look at this cute little table they have made out of one that has been stocked in their garage for a year:

Perfect for a little girl's room, right?

The following pictures show how they transformed this end table from an ugly duckling to a good-looking swan.

Finished Product
This cute little table could cater your little one's toys, story books, picture frames or practically anything that would fit in it. Jeff and Kristin put it on sale on Weecycle for $75.00 but if you want to make something like this yourself, visit their page here for the step-by-step DIY instructions.

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